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Much of the negative impact on "quality of life" once traditionally associated with a disability may now be neutralized by making practical lifestyle modifications. Today's technological advances have made these improvements in quality of life easier now than ever before in history.

Not so long ago in America, a disability once took a much bigger toll on people than it does today. This was due in large part to what were (at that time) "insurmountable" physical barriers that effectively isolated many with disabilities.

As a result of those barriers, people with various degrees of disability or mobility impairment were frequently isolated, shunned by "polite society" and often confined to an upstairs floor of a house, or even a particular room, for their "safety."

However, today this is no longer the case ... and need never be the case anymore ... for anyone!

Assistive technology today is more affordable, and more varied than ever. For example, just consider the wide variety of mobility scooters, adaptive clothing, home elevators, chair-lifts and other innovative examples of assistive technology on the market today!

Advancements in assistive technology have put increased mobility within the reach of almost everyone.
The simple fact is that the overall damage done by disability and its consequential social isolation has been greatly lessened by today's social and technological advances.

The Internet is another example of "assistive technology that has greatly decresed the negative effects that disabilities have had for many people:

In today's America, a disabled person (or anyone else) with a reasonably new computer and a reliable Internet connection can work from home, go shopping online, get an education or even attend church — all without ever leaving home — and also participate in real-world social activities (such as going out to dinner with friends or family members, for example) by simply choosing to visit only places they know are accessible for them with respect to their disability!

Today, the possibilities are practically endless for improving one's "quality of life" through the innovative use of the wide variety of assistive technologies now becoming available to us all.

At BarrierFreeChoices, we are dedicated to helping provide the information and encouragement to help you to pursue your own barrier-free lifestyle, on your own terms!

Having a "disability" is not the "prison sentence" it used to be.
~ the BarrierFreeChoices Staff

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